Take My Hand


A pair of lovers runs from the end of the world


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Take My Hand is an exclusively cooperative 2D platformer (it supports two Xbox 360 controllers simultaneously) where you have to run at top speed through a series of settings that are crumbling beneath you.

The game features lots of elements that enhance the cooperative aspect; for instance, in order to get to certain platforms sometimes one player needs to help the other reach it.

Take My Hand is not your average platformer; it has a lot of parkour-style elements that have more in common with Mirror's Edge than Super Mario. For example, you can run on top of billboards, or jump from one wall to the other. All of this, though, as a couple.

Visually, Take My Hand is a really special game. Although the character models are not totally spectacular, its visual style is still really colorful and refined.

Take My Hand is a unique platformer that everyone should try playing with a friend. One of the best cooperative platformers you can find on PC.
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